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The Wisdom Circle

Leaders, Activists, Coaches, Guides, Seekers

Members of the Wisdom Circle are actively exploring the intersection of mind, body and ecology through their own personal journeys and work. Many of our Wisdom Circle Members actively lead others in the exploration of how reconnecting to ancestral ways, inspired by the latest research can bring about health and healing to each individual, community and our home: Mother Earth.

Wisdom Circle Members offer help to the MindBodyEcology Collective through contributing and sharing to our blog, podcast, summits and their own personal programs.


Dr. Rodney King PhD, MA, RSME

Head Hunter Gatherer @ MindBodyEcology Collective

Dr. King's PhD research focused on the role mindfulness plays in leadership performance. A world renowned martial arts teacher, Rodney has taught all over the world about the importance of the natural intelligence of the body. He is currently pursuing an MRes program focused on mind, body and ecology.


Aaron Le Boutillier MSc

MBE Wisdom Circle Member - Thailand

For close on two decades Aaron has lived in Thailand (He speaks fluent Thai), and where he owns a beautiful retreat. Aaron survived the 2004 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that took hundreds of thousands of lives in South and South East Asia. He wrote a book about his experience. Living a life of adventure, he has run across the Sahara Desert in the Marathon des Sables, has a jiu-jitsu obsession, and loves surfing.