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Is Violence & Aggression The Price of Progress?

I was 5-years old when the bullying started. In those days you were able to go straight into junior primary school in South Africa. But my Mother thought it best that I did at least one year at pre-school before

Wising Up!

By this point in the game almost everyone in the Paleo world is familiar with the idea of mismatch (Or, to dress it up in sexy academic language, “the evolutionary discordance hypothesis.”) The idea is simple: Our bodies evolved in

Are Humans Special?

The BBC recently reported on an experiment in Japan to test memory in chimpanzees and humans. The chimps far outpaced the human subjects (university students) in speed and accuracy. I emailed the story to some colleagues, with a note clarifying

Walking on the Way to Meditation

I envy my partner. Put her in nature and she can just sit there for hours. However I find it hard to sit still no matter where I find myself. The problem of course with sitting still and knowing that

Walking with Stillness

I spent several years as a social scientist researching the role mindfulness plays in the moment of leadership performance. Mindfulness has now become the ‘in thing’ with it being touted as aiding in everything from enhancing relationships, improving attention, helping

Spend Time Getting Your Feet Dirty

As adults we seldom find ourselves barefoot in nature. Shoes are no longer simply used for utility, but now a fashion statement to be worn everywhere and to be shown off. As a result, most of us can’t walk very

Hug a Tree Today

The official definition of a ‘Tree Hugger’ is that of an environmental campaigner and the practice of embracing a tree in an attempt to prevent it from being felled. But more generally it is often used as a derogatory slang