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Who We Are

After years of battling depression I finally had enough. I was determined to find a way out of the darkness. I had some of the answers, but several pieces of the puzzle remained missing. This took me on a journey to rediscover what I was missing in my life and why I always felt so unfulfilled. On my journey to healing I discovered that many other people were feeling the same ‘nameless’ sense of loss.

At a time where people, especially in the modern world are feeling fragmented, anxious, stressed out, and suffering from a loss of meaning — I believe the antidote, and the way to show up in life with poise, focus, and clarity is to reconnect to our natural instincts.

The knowledge of our natural instincts can be found in fully embracing the ancestral wisdom of merging mind, body and the intelligence of the natural world.

We need to ‘unschool’ ourselves from the falsehood of happiness promised in modernity and in turn relearn once again how to reconnect with the uncluttered, minimalist experience of being fully alive with ourselves within the natural world. In short we need to ‘Rewild’ ourselves!

Building off the above the MindBodyEcology Collective was born. Firstly as a platform for the many coaches and teachers in this area who are not gaining the recognition they deserve or having their voice heard by the widest possible audience.

Secondly, and most importantly to offer a portal that those seeking wellness can find answers, connect with like minded people, and explore their full potential through honoring their place as a human animal connected to the natural world.

Thirdly, it is my belief that one of the most effective ways to make a profound difference to the ecological devastation our planet is undergoing is first to heal ourselves, before we can heal the planet. I hope, that the MindBodyEcology Collective can add, in a small, but important way to this journey of healing for us all.

Dr. Rodney King 2021